CTW Engineered Glazing Systems


CTW Engineered Glazing Systems
Orlando, FL

C.T.W. Engineered Glazing Systems, strive to provide property owners, designers, architects and contractors with the most innovative and environmentally friendly products, an example being our HYBRID window, door,  and curtain wall series, a new and unique concept in façade solutions.

HYBRID is a fully tested and compliant composite wood and aluminum façade system. HYBRID achieves remarkable insulation properties and is complemented by a full range of operating windows and doors.

Combining the long life and low maintenance of aluminum to the exterior, with the aesthetics and environmentally focused benefits of engineered wood to the interior, this hybrid system surpasses all current benchmarks.

The HYBRID system offers the ideal solution for new buildings and retrofit projects where aesthetics, performance and sustainability are paramount.

Contact Ed Chitty with Featured Systems at ed@edchitty.com, or visit www.ctwindowsinc.com for further information or to request samples.