Since its founding in 2001, Featured Systems has dedicated its practice to improving the architectural landscape and the way business is done. We've adapted to the changing times, and our once humble efforts, have grown into a well-respected, and highly sought-after firm.  At Featured Systems, we practice pragmatically but with idealism.

Featured Systems' focus is directed at bringing the most respected custom architectural building products to each project with only the best results in mind. Function, form and quality come before profits. No more so than in the construction industry do we get one change to do it right the first time. We promise to provide architecturally featured building systems that contribute to the value, performance and personality of the structure for decades.


As a LEED certified organization, we are committed to sustainable design and building practices to achieve a more energy efficient and environmentally conscientious project. Our commitment to excellence and unparalleled knowledge gained during our near 20 year experience are the foundation of our practice, and we believe that is what distinguishes our services from other firms. Our commitment to a sustainable built environment will continue to be at the forefront of our efforts.

We take on a wide range of projects ranging from $100K to $5M+ and pride ourselves in our unequaled ability to connect premier products across varying markets. We are skilled at seeing the "big picture" adding value to your client's next project.




One of the key strengths that sets Featured Systems apart is our absolute insistence on the finest quality workmanship. The idea of good enough has no place in our profession, and certainly not on our team. You'll find our partners are talented and skilled craftsmen who work smart, love what they do, and are proud of their finished product. In today's world, these are uncommon traits, but they are what defines Featured Systems.


Experience is everything in the construction business. Our clients really appreciate our experience when it comes to their special project. Since 2009, we have been hard at work in much of the United States. You may not know us yet, but our high standards are well-known among those in the industry, and our professionalism exceeds our reputation.


A reputation for excellence is not easily gained. That's why we are absolutely committed to your satisfaction. Referrals are our biggest source of new business. Count on owner Ed Chitty, who is a full-time, hands-on kind of guy, to oversee your project from beginning to end.



We are able to pick up a project at any stage and deliver on-time and within-budget completion. We have systems in place that allow us to effectively communicate. Featured Systems is positioned to exceed expectations.